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Handheld Motion Sensing 360 Tetris Game (September 12, 2009): With the Motion Sensing 360 Tetris Game you manipulate Tetris blocks by tilting the handheld console.

Punch-Out Comes to the Wii (May 19, 2009): The classic game Punch Out is now available for the Wii.

Pac-Man in a Strange New World (September 13, 2006): Pac-Man celebrated his 25th birthday earlier this year.

Tetris Dreams for Xbox 360 Owners (June 12, 2006): New versions of Tetris may soon be on the way for Xbox 360 owners.

Kill Time With Office Invaders (June 6, 2006): KewlBox.

Birthday Invaders Ecard From Blue Mountain (June 2, 2006): Blue Mountain, an retailer of animated online greeting cards, has an animated birthday ecard that includes a game of Birthday Invaders.

Pets Chase Owners in Virtual Reality Games (April 17, 2006): Gamers are used to playing against the computer in video games but VR software will eventually let people play against pets and other animals.

Pac-Man in the University Library (December 22, 2005): Joystiq has found a video on 4 Color Rebellion that shows a guy dressed up as Pac-Man being chased by a guy in a Blinky costume through the University of Michigan library.

Golden Tee More Popular Than Pac-Man (July 5, 2005): The Golden Tee, an arcade golf game popular in restaurants and sports bars, is more popular than Pac-Man according to a recent CNN Showbiz Tonight report.

Pacman Comes to Life in Human Pacman (June 6, 2005): Just when you thought you had seen every kind of Pacman game variation you could, along comes Human Pacman.

80 Year-Old Woman Wants World Record Title Back (May 30, 2005): Doris Self, of Fort Lauderdale, eats, drinks and sleeps Q*Bert, the classic video game from the early 1980s, practicing day and night.

Happy Belated Birthday Pac-Man (May 11, 2005): Sorry Pac-Man.
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