25 to Life Finds Buzz and Critics

Posted on June 27, 2005

25 to LIfe for PS225 to Life, an online multiplayer game from Eidos that lets players choose to be a criminal or a police officer, has a growing number of critics. Most of the criticism is because the game allows players to play a gang member that can kill police officers. Nancy Grace, the opinionated host of her own CNN show, said the game is evil and encouraged stores not to carry it.

Afterdawn.com reports that New York Senator Charles Schumer has also been critical of the game.
Once again the heat is on developers of violent video games as Sen. Charles Schumer, a Democrat from New York has targeted 25 to Life; an upcoming game which the Senator claims makes the Grand Theft Auto games look like "Romper Room" (a popular Children's TV Show in the U.S.). The video game is due out this summer. In the game you can either choose the side of gangs or the side of the law. The Senator wants this "cop killer" game boycotted by retailers and even calls on Microsoft and Sony to end their licensing agreements with Eidos.
During all the controversy last week the game soared to the top of the Yahoo! Buzz top movers list in the games category. Today, the Seattle Times reports that even Bill Gates himself is under fire from the game. We aren't sure what he has to do with it other than it can be played on Microsoft's Xbox.

25 to Life is due out October 4, 2005 (according to Amazon.com) for the PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2. The game is rated M for blood and gore, intense violence, drug reference, strong language and sexual themes.

Photo: Eidos