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  • Microsoft Unveils Arctic Camouflage Controller for Xbox 360 (May 18, 2014): Microsoft has unveiled an Arctic Camouflage controller for the Xbox 360. It has an MSRP of $54.99.

  • Kevin Durant Named Cover Athlete for NBA 2K15 (May 7, 2014): Kevin Durant has been named the cover athlete for NBA 2K15. Durant wsa the 2014 NBA MVP.

  • EA Sports Announces Madden NFL Release Date and Cover Athlete Vote (April 28, 2014): EA Sports has announced it will release Madden NFL 15 on August 26. They also say there will be a vote for the cover athlete.

  • Project Cars Trailer Shows Off Amazing Graphics (April 24, 2014): There are some incredibly detailed graphics of racecars in this Project Cars trailer.

  • Animation Shows How Xbox One Kinect Tracks Players (July 4, 2013): This animation shows how the Xbox One Kinect device can track up to six players.

  • Microsoft to Reveal Xbox 720 on May 21 (April 26, 2013): MicorMicrosoft has announced that it will reveal the next version of the Xbox, the Xbox 720, on May 21 at a live press event.

  • Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Bundle Unboxed (May 12, 2012):

  • 2K Games Offers Spec Ops: The Line Playable Demo (May 8, 2012):

  • Halo 4 to Launch Worldwide on November 6 (April 19, 2012):

  • Birds of Steel Launch Trailer (March 27, 2012):

  • EA Sports Launches SSX, a Snowboarding Video Game (February 28, 2012):

  • Doomsday Trailer for Borderlands 2 (February 27, 2012):

  • I Am Alive Game Trailer (January 7, 2012):

  • LOTR War in the North at Comic-Con 2011 (July 26, 2011):

  • Sonic Generations Will Feature Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic (June 16, 2011):

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